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Welcome to the website for the Æthelmearc College of Heralds. On this site, you'll find resources relating to heraldry in the Sylvan Kingdom and the SCA. If you're not quite sure what you're looking for, here are some quick pointers:

Trying to find a herald?
For a listing of heralds in the Kingdom, click on one of the entries under the "Heralds" menu.
New to the Kingdom?
Select "Silver Buccle & Kingdom Staff" from the "Heralds" menu, then click the email link next to Golden Alce Herald to make sure our Order of Precedence is up to date.
Want to submit a name or armory?
For printable forms and information about the submissions process, including the current cost of submission, select "Procedures and Forms" from the "Submissions" menu.
Looking for a picture of somebody's arms?
Select "Front Page" from the "Roll of Arms" menu to find armory registered to individuals and groups in the Kingdom.
Want to recommend someone for an award?
Peruse the options in the "Precedence" menu: Look under "Awards & Orders" to find the award they should have. Then check the "Order of Precedence" to make sure they don't already have it. Then use the "Award Recommendation Form" (which will take you to the Kingdom website) to submit your recommendation!
Want to know what awards are available in Æthelmearc?
Select "Awards and Orders" from the "Precedence" menu for a listing of Kingdom and Society awards and orders, as well as badges for Kingdom and Society officers and Royal Round rankings.

If you're looking for something heraldry-related and can't find what you're looking for on the site, email the webminister and suggest an update to the site.

Letters Currently Open for Comment

    Commentary may be posted:

    • to OSCAR (registration required) by clicking on the link for the letter;
    • to the Æthelmearc Heralds mailing list at aethel-heralds at lists dot andrew dot cmu dot edu;
    • privately to Garnet Herald at garnetherald at aeheralds dot net

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